Lemon curd trifle with red fruit

Ingredients (4 people)
– 8-10 slices of cake
– 1 portion of mascarpone cream
– 1 jar of Chivers Lemon Curd
– Red fruit of your choice (used in this recipe: strawberries, raspberries and blueberries)

Prepare the mascarpone cream according to this recipe, the only thing you do different is adding 3 tablespoons of Lemon Curd to loosen the mascarpone. This gives your mascarpone cream a nice fresh taste. Powdered sugar is no longer necessary, but make it feel something sweeter as you want.

  • Cut the cake into slices and make small blocks again. That works a bit easier with building up the layers later on. Also clean the fruit and cut the strawberries into smaller parts. The raspberries can also be halved in length.
  • Start building the trifles right away! You can use an ice-cream to make the trifle, but you can also use glasses or jars. I like to use glass jars so that you can see the layers well.
  • I started with a little mascarpone cream and made the first layer of cake. Then I smeared some Chivers Lemon Curd over, followed by a layer of fruit. Continue until the glass is full. I ended with mascarpone cream with which I closed the top of the glass, as it were. Then there is some Chivers Lemon Curd, but not all the way to the edges. On top of that, a few blocks of cake with the fruit. So you can see at a glance what you can expect from the dessert, even if you do not use glass.

You can serve the trifles right away, but you can also prepare them well and keep them in the refrigerator until you need them. The longer you make them in advance, the more the flavors pass through. Keep in mind, however, that the cake is becoming more and more flaky. That is not a problem, but not everyone likes that!

(Source: http://www.laurasbakery.nl/)

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